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August 17, 2010

order of parameter while calling oracle stored procedure from

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I found strange behavior while calling stored procedure of oracle through I have store proc which has first parameter as output parameter. (Generally output param should be last but this is my company’s recommendation to put OUT first then IN/OUT and IN ). While building parameters, when I add output parameter as last parameter, it gives me wrong result.

in oracle I have procedure…

procedure GetValue(p1 out number, p2 in number, p3 in number)

adding parameter to command object

m_Params = new OracleParameter[]
MakeInParam(”p2″ ,OracleDbType.Int32,16, v2),
MakeInParam(”p3″ ,OracleDbType.Int32,16, v3),
MakeOutParam(”p1″ ,OracleDbType.Int32,16)

MakeInParam and makeOutParam are my own function which is creating param object and returning

OracleCommand cmd = CreateCommand(”GetValue”, m_Params);


When I am keeping Out param last on list, I am getting wrong value. instead of 1 I am getting 0. when I am keeping Out param as first on list, I am getting proper value.

m_Params = new OracleParameter[]
MakeOutParam(”p1″ ,OracleDbType.Int32,16),
MakeInParam(”p2″ ,OracleDbType.Int32,16, v2),
MakeInParam(”p3″ ,OracleDbType.Int32,16, v3)

It should consider parameter name while returning value instead of its order.

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